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Full-automatic Veneering Production Line


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Full-automatic Veneering Production Line

Automatic veneering production line uses PLC control, running water operation system, to save labor costs and improve production efficiency. The production line adopts the function free combination mode, which allows the customer to choose the brush, automatic board feeding, automatic board discharge, automatic edge scraping, board cooling, automatic detection, board stacking and other function combination according to their own needs.

Production Line Configuration

Base plate working procedure Decorative paper working procedure Pressing process Product finish process
Split Plate Unit Paper release unit Automatic board feeding and discharge unit Edge cutting unit
Dust removal unit Paper laying unit Plate press unit Board cooling unit
Vacuum transport unit   Vacuum transport unit Transport and stacking units


Model : A1

Model : A2

Model: AL-V1

Model: AL-V2

Model: AL-C1

Model: AL-C2

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